(2019-05-02)  Task instructions uploaded separately here.
(2019-05-01) Training data are now available to download here (~630M). A sample is available here (139K).

This task aims to demonstrate the value and challenges of applying summarization to financial text written in English, usually referred to as financial narrative disclosures. The participants will be asked to provide structured summaries, based on real-world, publicly available financial annual reports of UK firms by extracting information from different key sections. Generated summaries should reflect the analysis and assessment of the financial trend of the business over the past year, as provided by annual reports.

The manual evaluation will be conducted by experts. Automatic evaluation will be carried through established summary evaluation measures,  using as gold-standard models executive summaries provided by humans.

 Please refer to the call for participation regarding important dates for the task.

Submission procedure and datasets will be announced once finalized.