TaskDelivery Date (year-month-day)Complete
Call for contributors 2013-02-09 X
Corpus selection 2013-03-11 X
1st Call for systems 2013-04-01 X
2nd Call for systems 2013-04-21 X
Human evaluations on gold summaries due 2013-05-15
Summarization corpus due 2013-05-15 X
1st call for workshop participation 2013-05-25
2nd call for workshop participation 2013-06-10
Multi-document corpus available to participants 2013-05-21 (updated) X
Summarization system submissions due 2013-05-24 (updated)
Evaluation corpus available to participants 2013-05-28 (updated)
Automatic evaluation submissions due 2013-05-31 (updated)
System reports due 2013-06-07 (updated)
Last call for workshop participation 2013-06-30