• MultiLing 2019

    ...ion details updated.(2019-07-5) Community task test data released.(2019-05-20) The dea...community tasks is today.(2019-05-13) Training data for the Summary Evaluation co...community task published.(2019-05-01) Training data for the Financial Narrative S...

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  • MultiLing 2015

    Latest News (2015-08-30) The session program can be foun.... here and here for more info). (2015-04-10) CCCS test data released. See CCCS page. (20...responding pages (on the right). (2015-02-18) MSS test data made available. Check the tas...

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  • Task: OnForumS - Data and information

    OnForumS System Reports OnForumS: A Shared Task on On-line Forum Summarisation CIST: CIST System Report for SIGdial MultiLing 2015 JRC: Tackling the OnForumS Challenge USFD_UNITN: Sheffield-Trento System for Sentiment and Argument Structure Enhanced Comment-to-Article Linking in...

    Tags: OnForumS, dataset, sample, test data, gold data, evaluation

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