• MultiLing 2019

    ...today.(2019-05-13) Training data for the Summary Evaluation community task published.(...annakopouloset al., 2017]. Multilingual summary evaluation: Summary evaluation has been...tion Financial narrative summarization Summary evaluation Stay tuned for more inform...

    1472 days ago

  • MultiLing 2017

    ...y EACL 2017 Workshop with this year's focus on Summarization and summary evaluation across source types and ge...nizers George Giannakopoulos - NCSR Demokritos (General Chair, Summary Evaluation Task) Benoit Favre - LIF (CC...

    2650 days ago

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  • Task: Summary evaluation

    News: (2020-06-22) A training set for the Wikipedia headline (as well as single document summary) data is here. (2020-06-22) The testing data with the headlines for the Wikipedia data is here. (2019-12-16) Summary evaluation dataset versions available: v1 and v2(2019-07-10) Submission process ...

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