• MultiLing 2017

    News: (2017-03-13) Schedule updated with camera-ready paper v...in Event Information page. (2017-03-06) Proposed schedule and...ady) today (23:59, GMT-12). (2017-02-16) Anti-harassment Policy...age: https://www.softconf.com/eacl2017/multiling2017/ (2016-12-13)...

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  • MultiLing has been accepted as an EACL 2017 workshop! Thank you all for your support. More info in the MultiLing 2017 link in the menu.

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  • MultiLing 2017: Call for papers

    Second Call for Papers - MultiLing 2017 ---------------------------------------------- MultiLing 2017 Workshop in EACL 2017 Summarization and summary evaluation across source types and genres April 3rd, 2017 Valencia, Spain Website: http://multiling.iit.demokritos.gr/pages/view/1616/multiling...

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  • MultiLing 2017 Overview

    Below we provide an overview of the Workshop. Extended information (roadmap, calls, per-task pages) can be found in the links advertised as sub-pages in the "Navigation" index on the right of this page. MultiLing covers a variety of topics on Natural Language Processing, focused on the multi-lin...

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