• MultiLing 2015 Proceedings Addendum

    In this page we provide the addendum to the MultiLing 2015 SIGDIAL special session. First we provide the overview papers of the MultiLing tasks. Then, we list the reports of the participating systems. Overview papers/reports: MultiLing 2015 Overview: MultiLing 2015: Multilingual Summarization...

    Tags: MMS, MSS, CCCS, OnForumS

    2887 days ago

  • Task: OnForumS - Data and information

    OnForumS System Reports OnForumS: A Shared Task on On-line Forum Summarisation CIST: CIST System Report for SIGdial MultiLing 2015 JRC: Tackling the OnForumS Challenge USFD_UNITN: Sheffield-Trento System for Sentiment and Argument Structure Enhanced Comment-to-Article Linking in...

    Tags: OnForumS, dataset, sample, test data, gold data, evaluation

    2781 days ago