• MultiLing 2017

    ...Enrique Alfonseca - Google Organizers George Giannakopoulos - NCSR Demokritos (General Chair, Summary Evaluation Task) Benoit Favre - LIF (CCCS, Headline Generation Task) E...

    1929 days ago

  • MultiLing 2015

    ...sion deadlines and format will be aligned to the corresponding SIGDIAL requirements (cf. here and here for more info). (2015-04-10) CCCS test data released. See CCCS page. (2015-03-14) Updated d...

    2498 days ago

  • The training data for CCCS is available, test data will be distributed on April 10th. System output should be submitted on April 24th.

    2706 days ago

  • MultiLing 2015 Proceedings Addendum

    In this page we provide the addendum to the MultiLing 2015 SIGDIAL special session. First we provide the overview papers of the MultiLing tasks. Then, we list the reports of the participating systems. Overview papers/reports: MultiLing 2015 Overview: MultiLing 2015: Multilingual Summarization...

    Tags: MMS, MSS, CCCS, OnForumS

    2433 days ago

  • Task: CCCS - Call Centre Conversation Summarization

    Task description Speech summarization has been of great interest to the community because speech is the principal modality of human communications and it is not as easy to skim, search or browse speech transcripts as it is for textual messages. Speech recorded from call centers of...

    Tags: CCCS, task, corpus

    2495 days ago